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Trust Posy & Twine Florist to create a modern and memorable arrangement of dried flowers with same day flower delivery available every weekday throughout Sydney. Dried flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion where stunning long lasting flowers will be appreciated. Popular for both the home and office, dried flowers are a gorgeous styling item. Each dried arrangement is unique and long lasting, providing excellent value in the long term.

We hand-select the best dried flowers and preserved flowers and foliages throughout the year, ensuring we always have a wide selection available. Our signature abundant style means that each bouquet is filled with a gorgeous array of botanical elements and plenty of texture. Choose from a bouquet of gift-wrapped dried flowers for your own vase, or perhaps a dried flower arrangement with a ceramic pot when you want a complete gift. 

Delivery is available Monday – Friday, during standard business hours. Online orders available for delivery throughout most of Sydney, including Carlingford, Parramatta, Ryde and Sydney CBD. Order by 11am for same day delivery.

We have kept our online menu deliberately simple. Just choose the colour palette that suits the recipient best, and then select your preferred arrangement style or budget. Then we’ll get to work creating dried flowers that will bring joy for many months.



Dried flowers are super easy to care for, so find somewhere pretty for them, then sit back and enjoy their beauty. But if you want to know a little more about getting the best out of our arrangements, keep reading.

Dried flowers are very long lasting, but many varieties are fragile. With proper care, they will last many months, or even years. They are best kept away from direct sunlight, which will fade their colours over time. They do not need or want any water, and prefer to be kept out areas of high humidity (bathroom, laundry etc). The fragile nature of dried blooms means that you may notice some slight shedding when they are handled – this is completely normal and nothing to worry about. If your dried arrangement becomes dusty, a hair dryer can be used on a low/cool setting to remove the dust.

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