Cork Jar Terrarium – Single Plant


Terrariums make the very best low maintenance plant gift! This cork jar option combines super cute and super hardy into one delightful package. Perfect size for desk, coffee table, bookshelf or bedside table – or anywhere that receives natural (but not direct) sunlight.

Presented in a cute jute bag for gifting and easy transportation, this is a gift that will last. And be enjoyed for years to come.

Exact plant size and species will vary with availability. Images shown are a few of the possible varieties.

Place terrarium indoors in an area that receives natural light, but no direct sunlight. Leave cork lid on at all times to keep humidity stable and not let moisture escape. As a guide water usually every 6-12 months, when no condensation or moisture can be seen. Never pour water into vessel, rather spray lightly with filtered/bottled water until plants and soil have moistened. Condensation is a normal part of an enclosed tropical terrarium.


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