When it comes to buttonholes or boutonnieres (same thing,
different name), we have seen every mistake in the book. So we’ve decided to
share some insider secrets.

Who needs a buttonhole at a Wedding:

  • Usually the Groom, Groomsmen and Fathers will
    wear a buttonhole
  • You may like to add extended family members,
    ushers, MC or your celebrant
  • Page boys can match by wearing a tiny bloom,
    but consider asking for a safety pin style attachment for safety

Note: Buttonholes are a great way to
signal important people to your photographer and event staff!

Where and how to wear a buttonhole:

  • Should be worn on your lefthand side
  • The base of the bloom should line up with the
    decorative stitched buttonhole on your lapel (most of the time these are sewn
    closed so can’t have blooms inserted into them)
  • The stem should face downwards so that the
    flower is at the top Get someone else to attach the buttonhole if you are
    wearing your jacket If you’re on your own, take the jacket off, and hang it on
    a coat hanger before trying to attach it
  • Use the long pin provided by your florist to attach
    the buttonhole from the back of your lapel, while holding it in place at the
    front of the lapel Stitch through a 10mm section of fabric, then pierce through
    the main stem of the buttonhole as close to the base of the bloom as possible,
    then make a final 10mm stitch of fabric
  • The pin tip should rest inside the folded
    collar of the lapel If any metal from the pin is visible from the front, try

 Note: If this all sounds too complicated, most
florists, photographers and celebrants are pro’s. Otherwise, ask your florist
to provide a magnet attachment instead of a pin to avoid the issue all

What flowers work best for buttonholes:

  • Get your florist to suggest sturdy seasonal
    blooms, especially for hot Summer weddings
  • Roses, singapore orchids, native blooms and
    dried flowers all last well
  • Avoid delicate blooms such as tulips or David
    Austin roses which will wilt or collapse easily

Final tip for buttonholes:

  • Consider ordering an extra buttonhole for the Groom, which can be left at your Reception
  • He can then attach a fresh one when he arrives

Note: Make the swap after he has
received lots of hugs of congratulations – people love hugs, flowers not so

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