Timeless Roses - Price Guide

Show casing the timeless elegance of roses en masse.

Classic Bridal Bouquet 26cm … $160

Your choice of rose colour/s. Additional charges apply if you select David Austin or imported roses.

Bridesmaid's Bouquet 22cm ... $130

Your choice of rose colour/s. Option to either match the Bride or to use a different mix of colours.

Junior Bridesmaid's Posy 18cm ... $90

Smaller version of Bridesmaid’s bouquet.

Flower Girl or Throw 14cm ... $50

Petite posy to match the Bride or Bridesmaids rose colours. Free Throw posy provided for all flower orders over $500.

Single Rose Buttonhole ... $10

Perfect for the Groom, Groomsmen and Fathers, or as a simple option for the Ladies. Rose colour to match one used in bouquets.

Spray Rose Corsage ... $25-35

Perfect for Mothers and other special Ladies. Starting price shown for Pin-on and Wrist options.

Seasons Best Price Guide

Showcasing a textural combination of blooms and foliages to suit your preferred style and colour palette.

Classic Bridal Bouquet 26cm ... $200

The most popular size for Brides.

Statement Bridal Bouquet 30cm ... $245

A bigger bouquet to really make a statement.

Bespoke Bridal Bouquet ... $295

A dramatic combination of flowers and foliages with premium blooms included. Perfect choice for whimsical and unstructured bouquets.

Classic Bridesmaid 22cm ... $150

Smaller version of Bridal bouquet, with option to modify flowers and colours.

Statement Bridesmaid 26cm ... $200

Smaller version of Bridal bouquet, with option to modify flowers and colours. 

Bespoke Bridesmaid Bouquet ... $245

Smaller version of Bridal bouquet, with option to modify flowers and colours.

The Gents - Price Guide

Buttonholes are traditionally worn by the Groom, Groomsmen, Fathers and any other special men in the wedding party or family.

Single Bloom Buttonhole ... $10

Suitable for anyone and everyone.

Double Bloom Buttonhole ... $15

Perfect for the Groom and anyone else who deserves something a little special.

Bespoke Bundle of Blooms ... $18

Perfect for anyone who appreciates all the little details, complete with ribbon or twine bound stem.

Wedding Enquiry

The best seasonal flowers and foliages will be used, sourcing from Local and Australian growers wherever possible. In booking our services, you trust that we will use our knowledge and experience to choose the best flowers and foliages at the time of your wedding, make substitutes when quality or availability make this necessary.

If you require delivery within Sydney, additional charges will be quoted depending on the location/s and time that delivery is required. Free pick-up is available from our Telopea store on the day of your wedding.